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Welcome to Porta-Sink! We manufacture the best Portable Sinks & Bars for a wide range of uses & facilities. From parties and banquets to everyday applications like hand / dish washing, our Portable Sinks are designed to meet all your needs. Browse our Shop page for more products & information or give us a call! Shop with us at Porta-Sink today! 

We offer a wide selection of Portable Sinks from compact hand sinks to multi-compartment utility sinks for cleaning dishes, utensils and more. Additionally, our Portable Beverage Bar and Espresso Bar make it easy to serve your favorite drinks at any event. We also offer Portable Sushi Bars that are sure to impress your guests and even your chef!


We specialize in fabricating large stainless steel portable equipment, working with stainless steel on a daily basis, our team has over 20 years in experience & knowledge with this Stainless Steel Metals.

  • Portable Hand Sinks
  • Portable Beverage Bars
  • Portable Sushi Bars
  • Portable Espresso Bar
  • Portable Baby Changing Station
  • And much more

We also use aluminum composite panels in a variety of colors, giving our equipment different looks while remaining strong & sturdy. Our Portable Equipment is made of 304 Stainless Steel with options of Aluminum Composite Panels & Acrylic Sliding Doors.

Portable Sinks are ideal for concession trailer, food trucks, food cart, high schools, summer camps, outdoor parties, swimming pool, festivals, fitness center, tattoo saloons, medical care, dentist office, public parking, banquets, kiosks, mall and many other functions. Our Portable Sinks feature hot and cold running water with 110VAC power supply option. With water storage and drainage tanks that can hold up to 5 gallons of fresh water and 7 gallons of waste water, our sinks make cleaning, sanitizing and rinsing super easy…

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